BSNL land assests value increased: smtv24x7

Mumbai July 31: A company has revealed its property details.
Government owned Company BSNL has revealed it asset details

* 33 % of prime land holdings of the company have a worth Rs 65,000 crore.

* The book value of the total land assets stood at Rs 975 crore decades ago.

* Currently the company holds 15,000-odd land and building assets.

* KPMG has done the reassessment of the assets of BSNL using the 'fair value' method.

* The company has registered a net loss of Rs 3,880 crore in the year 2015-16. 

* The land worth of BSNL Corporate office has been valued at nearly Rs 2,500 crore.

* The company holds land parcels in cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, 
Jaipur, Lucknow, Chennai, and Kolkata.


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