Freindship Day 2017

Hyderabad Aug 6: Many memorable events may take place in everyone's life. Today is the day to re-cherish all those memories and
re collect our friends who have made our life great and happy.

The world celebrates Friendship day on the first Sunday of August. Remembering friends on this special occasion would boost up man emotions and relieve his/her heart.

A friend is not a just companion just sitting beside us but also a companion who may be miles away from you but well wishes and thinks about your health and not just your wealth.

The small footsteps of a friend may be joyful and heart touching for people because a friend in need is a friend indeed.

Some times disputes between friends may turn people into enemies but enemies too have heart and they seek revenge because they think of you even though they hate you that is the power of friendship.

Some friendships mature and go ahead while some create hope because of the love factor involved in friendship. Many people don't understand this distinction between and they blame friendship for loss of loved ones but its care that person needs to take.

So finally lets hope that everyone recollects his friends and express his gratitude but your friend doesn't accept it because they would say that friends shouldn't say "thank you".


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