Daniel Craig wanted to 'make history' with James Bond

latestnews1947British star Daniel Craig was lured back to play James Bond one more time by the promise that he would "make history" with the film as he would have held the milestone for 13 years in the role.

The 49-year-old actor had previously said he wouldn't be making a return to the spy role, but has now decided to sign up for another movie as he would be making history of the longest reigning actor to play James Bond.
Daniel Craig wanted to 'make history' with James Bond

"MGM and (Craig) had not spoken for over a year. Daniel said he was done, he meant it. She said he wasn't, she meant it. Sure, the financial deal was interesting. He was very proud of that (13 year) milestone," a source told nydailynews.com.

Even if Craig walks away from the franchise after the next movie, which is reportedly slated for release in 2019, he will have held the role for the longest time of 13 years.


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