Supreme Court to hear Bofors case again

New Delhi July 31: A famous scandal has once again re-emerged.
Sources say that Supreme Court would soon reopen the Bofors corruption scandal.The scandal took place in 1986 and the were reports that huge amount of kickbacks were offered for securing a defense deal.

Recently  Republic TV founder Arnab has exposed the truth behind the scam by interviewing  Swedish Cheif Investigative Officer  Sten Lindstrom and he has revealed Shocking details.

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Officer has said that Rajiv Gandhi has planned a financial quid pro quo and he was directly involved in the corruption scandal.

Experts say that Supreme Court would hear the case once again amid the fresh developments taking place. Sources say that Top court would take up the case after it gives a verdict on right to privacy case.

BJP members have filed a fresh petition in the supreme court and they demanded that the case must be reopened and a proper investigation must be conducted.


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