Ghana's minister endorses 'punctuality campaign'

latestnews1947 Ghana's Minister for Employment and Labour Relations Ignatius Baffour Awuah has endorsed the "Punctuality Ghana" campaign with a call upon Ghanaians, both in the public and private sectors, to be time-conscious.

Awuah, at a ceremony to endorse the campaign, said that one of the biggest problems facing Ghana was indiscipline which also manifested in a lack of respect for time, the media report said on Wednesday. 
Ghana's minister endorses 'punctuality campaign'

"If we can be disciplined and time-conscious, Ghana will be far better than what it is now," he stated, and commended the organisers of the campaign for the effort. 

Awuah said he did not believe in the concept of Ghanaian time or African time, which allowed people to be late, saying "There is only one clock and it must be respected" and ensured that it was respected at the Ministry. 

He said the campaign was very relevant to the Ministry as it regulated the world of work, where productivity, including time-consciousness was a key issue. 

Awuah added that time-consciousness could also give private sector businesses an edge over their competitors. 

"Keeping to time is non-negotiable" he stated, adding "this is our opportunity. Let's change the world. Let's change Ghana for the better". 

He also bemoaned Ghanaians addiction to the social media and said it was affecting productivity as workers use social media during working hours and needed to be looked at. 


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