Telugu Academy enters into 50th year

latestnews1947: Hyderabad, Aug 06: The Telugu Academy, which works for the Telugu language and its protection, has completed 49 years and goes to the 50th year here on Sunday. The academy has emerged on August 6, 1968, in Himayatnagar at Hyderabad.

The former Prime minister PV Narasimha Rao was very struggled to establish the Telugu Academy. Initially, the academy in the Telugu language, dialects, dictionaries, etc. has gradually been criticized for publishing the books. latestnews1947

In the backdrop of the entering into the 50th year, The Building renovations and modernization works have begun with Rs.1.5 Crores.latestnews1947

The next year is going to greatly celebrate the Golden Jubilee. In fact, this year's festivities should not be celebrated in the 10th Schedule in the background of the division of the state. The conflicts on the partition are limited only to the formation of the day.latestnews1947


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